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Recycled Pallet Manufacturer

East Moline, IL

The project included the acquisition and renovation of an industrial manufacturing facility as well as the purchase and installation of equipment required to ensure operation of a recycled pallet manufacturing facility. The newly renovated facility is located on 11 acres of land within an Enterprise Zone. The property includes a 71,000 square foot factory and a 32,000 square foot warehouse used to convert recycled materials into pallets for industrial distribution uses. The building’s site is situated along the Mississippi River and presents a valuable opportunity for redeveloping the river-way’s real estate. The building sits between a recently renovated industrial building and a burgeoning retail center that recently revitalized a historic manufacturing site and has since begun to bring residents/businesses back to the riverfront corridor. The project’s rehabilitation and enhanced streetscape intends to enhance the developing resurgence for this riverfront area. The principals of the company started Living Lands & Waters (“LLW”) with a mission to divert hundreds of thousands of pounds of waste products from rivers and other bodies of water across the country. This business was the impetus for the project’s plan and looks to reuse the harvested materials from LL&W and other recycle business partners to create the pallet products.

Recycled Pallet Manufacturer East Moline, IL

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