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Modular Housing Unit Factory

Romulus, MI

The project included the purchase of a 15-acre site used to construct an approximately 100,000 square foot modular housing unit factory. Along with the main production floor, the project includes offices, research and development space, workshops for various trades, and a logistics hub to prepare the modules for transport to final installation onsite. The manufacturing facility will create 160 new permanent, full-time equivalent jobs associated with the modular housing operations. The project will partner with the City of Romulus and Detroit to recruit a local workforce and provide apprenticeships for untrained workers to specialize in a variety of trades. With modular construction all occurring within the confines of the plant, workers will no longer have to move from site-to-site or endure severe weather while working. The project’s operations will also allow for the creation of transportation and logistics jobs to haul the modular units from the factory to each development site.

Modular Housing Unit Factory Romulus, MI

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