The project involves the reconfiguration of an existing prepared foods production facility owned by Kroger Foods located in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The project involves the significant reconfiguration of part of the 117,000 sq. foot facility built in 2006 by Roundy’s Foods.

The long-range plan Kroger has established for the acquired facility as it is folded into its national portfolio of 38 food processing plants is to transfer duplicative dairy processing operations to another processing plant and create an expansion of its prepared soup production facilities, producing 50 million pounds of soup annually to be carried in stores nationwide, and ensuring the continued employment of 25-30 existing employees in the Kenosha facility, while creating 10-15 new full-time positions. Most of the existing dairy operations and equipment will be removed and production of ice cream, sour cream, and drinks for its propriety labels will be transferred to alternative Kroger production facilities.

In total, the project aims to ensure streamlined and competitive production supply chain operations for Kroger in light of its acquisition of Milwaukee-based Roundy’s Inc., and ensure continued employment for the existing facility.

The project is located at 5500 52nd Street, Kenosha, WI characterized by a 22.7% poverty rate, median income that is 64.58% of the area’s median, and an unemployment rate 1.94 times the national average. The facility is the single largest food donor to the Shalom Center, a Kenosha area non-profit whose missions is to serve the surrounding community by providing emergency food, shelter, and support to struggling individuals and families, including seniors. 

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